I'll be over here making giant triangular structures for no reason, BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

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"Chris [Evans] worked his butt off for four months—doing gymnastics, fight training, stunt training—so that he could stand in in a scene like this and then go toe to toe with Georges St-Pierre and then make it look really credible. And I think he did a fantastic job…Once the helmet comes off, 95% of this is Chris."

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

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Not sure if this has been said before but I love the fact that Makoto gets down to eye level with Hayato most of the time. That’s a technique that many (if not all) experts give when dealing with child communication.
Being on the same level is so important because it helps them feel more in control, safer, and more connected to the adult. It communicates to them that you are there for them and are readily paying attention.

Mamakoto really lives up to the name.


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Anonymous asked: Sorry for the second message/ask didn't fit in the last one: Yeah your Lenalee is absolutely perfect, don't think it can be topped by anyone

I’m sure there are better Lenalee cosplays out there, but it’s kind of you to say.  Thanks!

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Anonymous asked: No worries :) TBH a first I thought it didn't suit you but then after having watched the anime I realised there's more to cosplay then just boobs (besides you have a great figure, sorry bit of a perv lol) you look like her in every other regard and to boot you can actually capture an aspect of the character in your photos you become Yoko (cheesy I know lol) Other people just dress up as Yoko where, to me you, take on the character and that's what makes it suit you and why I enjoy your cosplay :)

Haha, well that’s awesome!  Thank you for sharing that with me ^___^

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worthlesslylivinganightmare asked: As logng as you love the character that's all that matters Although many of hem suit you really well such as the vocaloids Rei Yoko Shiro and Lenalee (for a second I had mistaken it for fan art rather then cosplay the first time I saw it lol). Yeah the cross piece needs to be darker/rest of the top lighter and the actual cross needs to be filled out a little and by leather/shiny + being to tight I meant the whole seifuku top Sorry I would be more descriptive but this letter limit is restricting

Ah thankyou, it means a lot!
The ones you just listed that you like are some of my favourites!  And hearing positive things about my Yoko always makes me extra happy, as it’s a costume I was expecting people/randoms to complain about (because it’s pretty obvious I’m not as busty as she is and I’ve had people complaining on my other costumes about not being busty enough lol).

But wow, fanart… I can’t even.  Thankyou!! 

Oh, no no not to worry!  That’s what I thought you meant anyway :)

Thankyou again, you’re awesome!

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worthlesslylivinganightmare asked: Your welcome :) Yeah I already know about your facebook page, that's where I found you first :) As for the characters that I don't think suit you, they are: Yang, Bubbles and Ryuko. Don't get me wrong your Yang costume itself looks good I just don't think the actual character suits you. As for Bubbles the character is just too simple and you can't make it "you". And finally Ryuko, maybe use a different material? the leather looks too smooth and shiny and is too fitted, not loose enough

Oh, haha well - awesome!

Ah, yeah.  You can probably already tell from my costume choices I don’t necessarily choose characters I suit.. just ones I love!  But with that comes, as you said, not fully matching the characters.

I’m glad you like my Yang costume itself though, I put a lot of work into it (those panels were a butt to work out haha!). 

Totally agree with you on Bubbles!  I’m not particularly happy with that costume at all.  And the wig was a stand in that didn’t really work.

For Ryuko do you mean the piece on the right, with the cross through it?  I wasn’t particularly happy with that piece either.  As for the fabric, I made Ryuko entirely out of fabrics I already had.  If I remake it I’d probably use Pleather (which is what the belt/suspenders are made from), as it has more texture to it.  The top leather piece is made from a vinyl or something (left over fabric from “vinyl/leather” tights from Supre I’d cut up LOL).  And do you mean the whole seifuku top itself is too tight / not loose enough?  If so, also totally agree with that, too.  I misjudged measurements “orz  It’s definitely too short and not baggy enough, I just didn’t have time before the con to remake it.

Thankyou for your honesty!  I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me! It’s good (constructive) information to keep in mind in future costumes ^_^